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AERO WONDER LUBE is an all in one wonder lube, engine treatment, racing oil, hyper oil, and metal protector for both gas and diesel engines.

What is Aero Wonder Lube?

It is an all in one biodegradable or organic based lubricant oil used as an additive to engine oil (diesel and gas), for differential, transmission, and hydraulic system for light and heavy vehicles.

It is also usable/effective for motorcycles, airplanes, marine transportations, and industrial motors.

Properties of Aero Wonder Lube

It contains magnetically charged hydrocarbon, which is an excellent solvent of gums in oil at high temperature levels.
It has natural oxide inhibitors for keeping the oil fresh.
It contains thermal (warming) stabilizer that keeps engine or motor temperature within ideal range.
It contains agents that form a protective film or coating on metal surfaces to prevent direct metal to metal contact.
How does Aero Wonder Lube work?
Saves Fuel 10% to 33%
Restores Engine Power 10% to 25%
Prolongs Oil Change 100% to 150%
Maintains Cooler Temperature
Eliminates Engine Noise and Vibrations
Protect Metal Surface of the Engine
Reduces of Harmful Gases and Smoke
Comparison on same products in the market today
While products from USA, Europe, & China are selling the same lubricants or engine oil additives (though synthetic chemicals), it has been proven that as far as efficacy and performance are concerned, you can see instant awesome result after you mix AERO Wonder with your engine oil.
You cannot see it with most of the said same products in the countries mentioned above as experienced by users or motorists.

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